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AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival

The AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival mission is to showcase cultural elements of Japan with a pop culture twist. Key aspects of Japanese Pop Culture include anime, manga, food, music and fashion. We aim to build a better understanding of Japanese culture to our local audience. Changing the common misconceptions of what Japan can offer.

This is done by moving away from the traditional ‘convention’ format and recreating the matsuri atmosphere from Japan. Following in the steps of its sister event, Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival we aim to provide a range of authentic Japanese festival food and activities.

We also strongly believe in giving people, especially young people, opportunities to develop themselves.  This can be seen by our enthusiastic and passionate sub-committee members and volunteers.

This is also shown through the school and universities involvement with our short anime film and 4-koma manga competitions.


Key Services

  • Provide a range of engaging activities for attendees to build a better understanding of Japanese culture.

  • Provide an authentic Japanese food experience.

  • Provide affordable, high-quality entertainment and activities.

  • Provide a welcoming and community based atmosphere for both the attendees and volunteers.

  • Provide an opportunity for people, especially young people to develop and showcase themselves.

  • Provide a unique range of stallholders, all with Japanese pop culture related items.



  • All participants, from committee members to volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, each with their own achievements, personal networks and skills. We seek to utilise each individual’s unique offerings to come together and create a successful event, while maintaining a healthy and productive team environment.

  • All participants act with a level of humility and respect.

Who are we?

Japan Australia Friendship Association (JAFA)

Japan Australia Friendship Association (JAFA), the organisation behind AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival, is non-profit and volunteer-run, aiming to promote social and cultural friendship between Australia and Japan.


Sound familiar? JAFA is also the organisation behind Adelaide’s largest Japanese cultural festival, the multiple award-winning Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival, which has been held since 1995. With over 25 years of experience, JAFA continues to bring quality community events to Adelaide.


Each year a dedicated team of volunteers make up the AnimeGO! Subcommittee and meet regularly for ten months prior to the festival. Our Subcommittee members are from a range of ages, backgrounds, fields of study and expertise, allowing us to consistently bring new ideas and experiences to the event.

What can I expect at the event?

AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival

AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival began in 2016 as a film festival showcasing old and new anime films. It has since evolved to encompass all aspects of Japanese pop culture: art, fashion, food, games, plus more. The festival features workshops, demonstrations and panel talks by industry professionals, as well as stalls by local artists, a maid café and your favourite Japanese arcade games.


AnimeGO! does not follow the traditional convention format – in fact, we’re not a convention at all! As the name implies, AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival follows in the steps of its sister event, Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival, to recreate the matsuri atmosphere from Japan. Our focus is on showcasing the cultural elements of Japan, with a pop culture twist. You’ll find fresh yakitori being served up at the BBQ, complemented by Japanese beer, for that izakaya feel; Japanese sweets will transport you to the backstreets of Harajuku, lined with endless dessert cafes; and our arcade area, whilst not a towering Taito Station in Akihabara, will give you a taste of some popular pastimes. You’ll find lots of anime and manga favourites, but also much more.

Special Thanks To Our Supporters

AnimeGO! Japan Pop Culture Festival is brought to you by the Japan Australia Friendship Association (JAFA). 

Supported by a grant from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Festival Info

Queens Theatre Playhouse Ln &, Gilles Arcade, Adelaide SA 5000

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